21st International Symposium on
Graph Drawing
23-25 September 2013, Bordeaux (Talence), France

GD 2013, will take place in the conference center of the university of bordeaux

Agora Conference Center
Domaine du Haut-Carré
43, rue de Noailles
33400 Talence

To travel to the Agora


Detailed view
The Agora is situated near the LaBRI (computer science lab of Bordeaux) in the middle of the Science Campus of the University Bordeaux-1.
    By taxi:
    Ask for "le Domaine du Haut-Carré, 43 rue de Noailles, Talence".
    By city bus and city tram:
    From the train station: Take the bus line 34 in direction of 'Gare de Pessac' and get off at "Place de la Victoire". Then take the tram, in the direction of Talence. Get off at the stop "Forum"; you are at 8 minutes (600m) of the conference center.
    From the airport:
    Take the shuttle to Bordeaux. Get off at the stop "Gambetta". Then, take the tram B in the direction of "Bougnard" and stop at "Forum". you are at 8 minutes (600m) of the conference center.
    By car:
  • If you arrive by the beltway (rocade), use exit 16 marked "Talence-Domaine Universitaire". Turn right at the light (towards Bordeaux) and follow Cours de la Libération to the big green gate.
  • If you arrive from the center of town, first find Place de la Victoire. Once there, follow the arrow to Domaine Universitaire de Talence. Keep going straight (you will pass Barrière St. Genès and the fountains at Talence); you will see the big green gate on your right.

To book accomodations

  • Bordeaux Tourist Office
  • www.booking.com
  • www.expedia.fr
  • Some suggestions:
    • Hotel Notre Dame des Chartrons (Bordeaux): 36/38 rue Notre-Dame. Phone: (33)556 52 88 24. Email : hnd33@free.fr. www.hotelnotredame.free.fr. Very nice area, near the docks.Tram station: "CAPC Musee d'art contemporain", 30 minutes from the Agora
    • Hotel Gambetta (Bordeaux downtown): 66 rue Porte-Dijeaux, Phone: (33)556 51 21 83. Email : info@hotel-gambetta.com. www.hotel-gambetta.com. In the historic area. Tram station: "Gambetta", 20 minutes from the Agora.
    • Hotel Chez Philip (Talence): 132 rue de la Medoquine. Phone: (33)556 80 46 46. Email : chez.philip@free.fr. /www.hotel-restaurant-chez-philip.comVery convenient: 5 minutes from the Agora.
    • Hotel Teneo suite (Talence): 8 allee du 7e art. Phone: (33)557 35 76 00. www.teneo.fr. Very convenient: 5 minutes from the Agora.

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